Information Security: Context and Introduction now on Coursera

Jorge Blasco Alís bio photo By Jorge Blasco Alís

Our new MOOC Information Security: Context and Introduction is now available on Coursera. The course provides a very brief introduction to the rapid changing-field of information security. We have structured in 5 weeks. During the first week Prof. Peter Komisarczuk presents the main concepts and definitions related to information security. Prof. Keith M. Martin introduces one of the main building blocks of information security: Cryptography. During the third and fourth week I present the main concepts behind computer and network security, and security management. Finally, on the last week of the course, Peter shows a model of the information security industry and presents the roles, careers and professional bodies in the information security industry.

We created this course so people with a limited technical background can follow and understand the main concepts behind information security. One of the benefits of Coursera as a MOOC platform is that it starts a new course session every week. This allows students to start the course when they want without having to wait until a specified start date. Enjoy!